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Total Home Furnishings Direct enables your company to “Release the Power of Your Data.” Turn your customer data into actionable information. Target your customers by who they are… where they live… and what they do.

Discover where your customers really come from and combat your competition for your share of your primary market area. Total Home Furnishings Direct’s process will develop an integrated plan to invite your customers and their neighbors to build a relationship with you. Strengthen your customers’ loyalty and increase their purchase frequency and maximize their life value.

Know Your Market and Own It!


Geographic Market Area Profiling (No Data)

THF Direct – Customer Database Analysis 1

Geographic profiling identifies the 5, 10 & 15 mile radii of your location & generates a Primary Geographic household count report which includes demographic information about your primary market area. (No relational data)

Database Carrier Route Profiling Analysis

THF Direct – Customer Database Analysis 2

Database Carrier Route profiling identifies “where” your customers reside relative to your store location. This analysis provides you with a demographic profile of “who” your customers are and how they behave utilizing Total Home Furnishings Direct’s predictive demographic and lifestyles characteristic information.

Predictive Lifestyle Prospect Profile

THF Direct – Customer Database Analysis 3

Total Home Furnishings Direct Predictive Lifestyle Prospect Profile identifies your existing customer’s demographic characteristics & lifestyle. This analysis enables Total Home Furnishings Direct to provide you with a Target Prospect Profile which identifies those look-a-like households with the highest economic viability and similar lifestyle characteristics to capture new customers and grow your business.



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